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Ready for a Challenge?

I posted this to the BFF Private Pep Squad this week, but I want to open it up to everyone in case you'd like to weigh in AND join the group for the bigger discount and support! (click the group name to join!)

I am planning to run a program/challenge starting the first week of October and I would like your help choosing! The chosen program will involve a pdf ebook delivered to your email, daily support (in the private group), and (in some cases daily) email support.

Let's pick one of four previously offered for free that now has a price tag, but at 50% off for Pep Squad Members (and 25% off for non members, so it pays to join, and if you know anyone who might be interested, please invite them as well).

I would like your help to decide which one, and you will be offered the first chance to sign up. I hope to do this more often, but which would you like to see as the first offering? (Prices are 50% off-I will give a coupon code that you should use at checkout on the website when the time comes.) Please comment or message me directly by 9/30/22 if you have a preference. So, who's in and which would you like to do?

6 Day Mobility Challenge $7.50 (7 Day) Mindfulness Workbook $10 5 Day Sugar Detox $12.50 5 Day Energy Challenge $12.50

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