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Picture of Dawn (BFF owner) with her dog, Rizzo

About Dawn Hollister

I have been striving to stay fit my whole life. In elementary school, I loved playing on the playground and in organized games. I was on the softball team, the volleyball team and the cheerleading squad. I was an active teenager: volleyball, dance squad, workout enthusiast. I maintained a good level of activity through two pregnancies and used physical activity to get back in shape after both deliveries. I enjoy finding ways to continue loving my workouts every day!


Now I am lucky enough to say I have been helping others do the same for more than 10 years as a certified personal trainer and children’s fitness specialist. In that time, I have worked to become particularly specialized in strength training and lifestyle fitness coaching. I am an experienced school teacher as well. My teaching career spanned 15 years, and throughout those years I worked with preschoolers through second graders. I always integrated movement into my school day and I understand the importance of taking care of the body along with the mind. 

AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

AFPA Children’s Fitness Specialist  
Adult & Child CPR/AED and First Aid Certified 
Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education, Illinois State University, 1996 
Certified Florida Teacher with 15 years of experience (pre-K to 2nd grade) 
Owner, Florida Limited Liability Company 

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