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THIS is how you achieve ANYTHING that’s important to you

If you keep setting health and fitness goals that fizzle out before you see results, this framework will be nothing short of life-changing (seriously!).

If you're like many people I've worked with, one of the biggest reasons you might fall short of your goals is because you haven't thoroughly puzzled out WHY you want to achieve them. That could all change today.

This values-based goal setting process is how you can achieve anything that's important to you.

Here’s what you do…

1. Make three columns on a piece of paper.

2. Label the first column “I’m the kind of person who…”, the second column “And it’s important to me...”, and the third, “So I’d feel good about accomplishing,,.”

3. And then fill it out.

sample note taking page for gaol setting
A way to structure values-based goal setting

All you have to do now is take action!

From there, it’s a matter of continuing to take action, celebrating your small wins, and reminding yourself WHY you set your goal in the first place!

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If more coaching like this feels like it's in your future...get on my calendar to chat about the possibilities!


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