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My January Goal and Habit Tracking

I recently finished making another resource I hope clients and followers will take advantage of and enjoy. It's a goal setting and habit forming plan and it includes twelve separate habit trackers to keep us on track the whole year. I really feel like using these methods and trackers will save us from being in the same spot and making the same goals again next January!

I thought I would share my January goal, my "why" and my progress so far in the hope it will inspire a few more people to make the leap!

My goal: 30 minute cardio workout OR 30 cumulative active minutes (as tracked on my Fitbit) 5+ days of the week

My why: it gives me dedicated me time

I don't just mean time to fact, I mostly mean time to make sure I get MY exercise! Many people assume I get all the exercise I want during work. But the truth is, during my training sessions, I am only focused on the client's workout. That's the way it should be! Sometimes I can be more active in that role (especially when I am playing games etc with the kids), but much of that time I am watching, coaching, assisting-not exercising.

I would actually love to meet this goal SEVEN days a week, and sometimes I do...but I know sometimes my weekends are spent closer to home and often with other things to do so I am going to give myself a path to success by allowing up to two days a week when I maybe won't get quite ALL of steps. On those days I usually get at least halfway there, so it also counts as rest days if I need them.

So far, I have only missed one day that was spent traveling, and I still had over 7k steps, so not too far off. Out of the six days of January so far, at least three of them included targeted cardio (walk/run intervals) that was not "just getting my steps." I'm really happy with that, and really excited to log the two mile run I have planned for tomorrow morning. On top of strength work and stretching/yoga, I am confident this will make for a successful month!

It's not too late to get your FREE Bright Futures Fitness 2022 Goal-Getting & Habit Stacking Plan! I will keep it available until the end of the months, just click that link to sign up, and I will email it to you right away!

Happy Tracking!

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