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Mindset Reset

I’d like to share something that might help you look at your fitness and wellness a little differently. Here is a mindset that should make it EASIER for you to:

  1. keep to the essential basics,

  2. stay away from overwhelmed feelings, and

  3. let go of pressure you might feel about things you think you “should” be doing.

Everyone has taught someone something at some time. Think back to the last time you had to do this. Perhaps it was training a new hire at your job, teaching a kid to ride a bike or maybe you actually work in a classroom!

How did you do it?

I bet you didn’t bombard the person with EVERYTHING at once, or expect them to get it right on the first (or second or third) try. You likely started with the basics, at the very beginning...and when they mastered one layer, you added more layers.

Your healthy lifestyle habits are no different.

But somehow we expect ourselves to be able to jump right in and do ALL the things from the very start. (And do it all perfectly!) That really isn't a recipe for success, but it is a recipe for burnout and frustration.

Here's a better idea: let yourself be like a student, work on mastering 1-2 new habits and skills at a time. This actually WILL help you feel like you've succeeded at something (and eventually MANY things! Some practical ideas:

● Add a few workouts a week that leave you feeling energized and stronger (vs. overly sore and exhausted)

● Make adjustments to include foods that you love AND support your goals (vs. feeling deprived with perpetual cravings)

● Find ways to fit self-care into your schedule (vs. always feeling like you’re behind and struggling to catch up)

Let's work on stacking successes that last a lifetime by focusing on the actions that actually WORK-for you, your goals, and your life! If you’re still reading this right now, it’s for a reason. You’re probably ready to make some kind of a change in your life … and that’s AMAZING. Let's talk!


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