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Find a way to enjoy the process

This might be hard for you to hear, but…

👉 Big changes in your health and fitness takes time.

That means you probably won't see major results quite as quickly as you'd like.

It also means that if you really want to reach your biggest goals, you must find a way to enjoy the process along the way.

One easy way to do that is to make a BIG deal out of your small victories!

four people tossing confetti
Celebrate your small wins!

I mean it…

Clothes fit a little better? Celebrate!

Waking up with more energy? Celebrate!

Jog a mile without stopping? Celebrate!

These wins might seem small, but they’re so big for keeping your momentum.

And bonus, when you stop and acknowledge even the smallest of wins, you build self-confidence and self-efficacy (knowing that you can do hard things!) and build even more momentum.

So how, exactly, should you celebrate small victories?

The celebration or treat should stay in line with your why. For example, a big bowl of ice cream when you hit a weight loss milestone would work against your why.

But some things that will help?

●     Give yourself a (braggier thank usual) social media post about your milestone and what you’ve learned. You never know who else you might help!

●     Take some “me” time. A massage, reading a new book or tending my plants all work for me!

●     Get yourself a new activewear outfit. This can be a big ego booster, too.

●     Grab a pretty new yoga mat, resistance bands, a kettlebell, or a pair of sneakers.

If you’re not used to celebrating yourself, this can all feel a little weird at first. But after working with dozens of clients, I've found it’s just as important as setting your goals in the first place.


Want help figuring out what goal setting and celebrations looks like for you?


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