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“Turn your day upside down” experiment

I have a little mindset experiment for you today that just might change your life: turn your day upside down!


What if instead of thinking of your day starting when you WAKE UP in the morning, you flipped it so that your day begins when you go to bed at night?


Say what?


Hang with me for a second because even though this might sound weird, it’s worth trying. That’s because sleep is SO IMPORTANT it deserves to be a priority (e.g., one of the first things you do) vs. an afterthought (the last thing you do).


Starting your day with a solid 7-8 hours of quality sleep lays the foundation for not only a great day, but for deep health & wellness.

small white dog taking a nap
Rizzo knows the power of good sleep!

Sleep is basically nutrition for your brain. If you don’t get enough of it, it can mess with your stress hormones, your hunger hormones, and even the hormones that help your body turn food into energy.


And there’s more … being sleep-deprived can interfere with your decision-making skills because it dulls your brain’s frontal lobe. This affects your ability to be focused, sharp, and make great decisions.


And that’s not even getting into alllll the other things that happen when you’re sleeping (like removing waste from your brain, cell repair, and more).


When you prioritize your sleep, you are prioritizing feeling GREAT.


So if you’re ready to do things differently, consider that mindset shift ... and tag me on Facebook or Instagram to let me know if you're making that shift!





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