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Next Level Grocery Tips

Grocery shopping is one of those chores most of us love to hate…

But the truth is, it plays a HUGE role in our health, results, and even our wallet!

hands pushing grocery cart down an aisle
Grocery shopping doesn't have to be hard!

Here are some tips to help you take your grocery shopping to the next level!

1. Plan first. See what you have on hand and make a meal plan using up food that is about to expire. Then, make your grocery list.

2. Shop the edges of your store, but hit produce and eggs last.

3. Go seasonal and local for ultimate freshness and taste. Plus, you’ll be supporting local farms.

4. Buy in bulk (but only if it makes sense).

5. Download the app for your local grocery store for custom coupons, rebates on past purchases, and reward programs.


6. Try store brands & shop sales to save $$.


7. Read food labels (obviously).


8. Uncover the real pricing. Compare the unit price (e.g., per ounce or liter) to the price per container. You may not be getting as great a deal as you think!

9. Meet the staff! Your local fishmonger, butcher, and produce manager can steer you to great deals on the freshest food or suggest new items to try.

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