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The Family Fitness Clubhouse:

Become informed and empowered to get the whole family healthier TODAY ...

and BUILD a foundation that lasts a lifetime!

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Do you find yourself battling with your kids over healthy choices, only to feel overwhelmed and worried about their future well-being? 


OR even if you're on a pretty good track, do you still worry that you're doing everything you can to instill healthy habits that will stick?

AI generated tree house in a forest to represent the idea of a private clubhouse

Do you find yourself searching for reliable information, ideas, and solutions?


Do you yearn for inspiration and longer-term support?


Then this ongoing membership group was created for YOU!

"I help families who care about instilling healthy habits in their children go from overwhelmed, worried and lost to confident, informed and empowered in laying the building blocks for a lifetime of health and wellness." -Dawn Hollister

Over the course of 14+ years, hundreds of kids and dozens of families have experienced the benefits of working with Bright Futures Fitness. 

2 women doing crunch exercises on the ground while managing their toddlers nearby


"When my daughter asked to join Bright Futures Fitness I wasn’t sure what to expect. She now comes home every Monday excited about eating healthy, exercising and talking about all the fun games she played with her friends in the group! Thank you Bright Futures for going into schools and creating such a fun club!"

- Cherie M.


"We love having Dawn’s classes as part of our routine for the past 8 years! She works well with both kids and adults to make things fun and to adapt to your fitness level and needs."

- Katie T.

girl walking on portable balance beam while 2 other children wait their turn

It can be so hard to "do it all."

2 women and a toddler performing an inchworm exercise

Just the fact that we feel like we

HAVE TO DO IT ALL can be so stressful.

Healthy meals and snacks

Reasonable bedtimes and adequate sleep

Screen time worries



Stress Management (yes, even for the kids!)

Then there's actually getting everything else done in a day that's required...


We've all been there...yes, me too! I have two now grown daughters and sometimes it felt so overwhelming!

The Family Fitness Clubhouse ongoing monthly membership also holds the benefits of a community of people with similar goals. Our kids are a top priority for all of us, and knowing we aren't alone can be so beneficial.

You are your child's first and best teacher, and the people they will emulate the most! Let's work together to be the best examples we can be for the healthy life we'd like them to lead!


Come meet other families in the club!

2 women and 3 kids performing squat and bicep curl exercises as a group

These are just some examples of what is included:

cover photo from BFF 2023 Kids Habit Stacking Plan

Programs and Accountability

Access to guides/ebooks/ programs (with support materials) adapted for kids and families...often developed into accountability challenges

children playing fitness board game on the sidewalk

Games and Activities

Activities, games, exercise suggestions and demonstrations you can implement immediately!

recipe photo for peanut butter oat energy bites

Yummy Recipes

Get and share recipes that kids might just eat, plus healthy eating tips and ideas!

And there are many additional member perks:

Monthly Activity Calendars & Weekly Workouts/Tips
Question & Answer Sessions (posts + monthly live group call)
Other Games, Activities & Exercise Ideas
Other wellness support: sleep, hydration, mindfulness & more
FREE short challenges/programs 
10%+ discount on classes, longer challenges & other services
First access to any new ebooks, programs, freebies, challenges

Over a $75 value EACH AND EVERY MONTH!

Here's a bit more on the benefits of working with Bright Futures Fitness:


"[Dawn}... is positive, encouraging, supportive and helpful. She answers questions about fitness that aren't even related to what we're doing at the time so i can be more productive at home and working out on my own. She varies classes so it's never boring and the 'same old thing'."

-Michele H.

2 women performing an overhead medicine ball toss exercise outdoors


family photo at a college graduation

Welcome to Bright Futures Fitness! If you're new here, allow me to introduce myself and share the heart behind BFF.

I'm originally from Illinois and earned my degree in Early Childhood Education from Illinois State University. For nearly 25 years, I've called Florida home, specifically the Bradenton/Palmetto/Parrish area.

My journey into fitness instruction began about 15 years ago when I made the exciting decision to blend my passion for teaching with my love for fitness. Thus, Bright Futures Fitness was born, and it's been an incredibly fulfilling journey ever since.

But even closer to my heart are my roles as a mom and wife. My girls are grown now (one of them is REALLY GROWN, as you can see!), but the memories of navigating the challenges of establishing healthy habits and promoting a nutritious diet and active lifestyle are still vivid in my mind. I understand firsthand the importance of these values, and I'm still in the trenches alongside you, advocating for the well-being of families like yours.

From the very first Bright Futures Fitness class, I set out to get kids moving in fun ways that would help them fall in love with physical activity and good habits, in the hope they continue for a lifetime.


Today the vision goes beyond teaching some kids about healthy habits for those few weeks at a time. I have long hoped to find a way to serve their families during the times they aren't with me, or even kids I do not get to see in person at all.

I hear hints from the kids that their families pay attention to healthy habits but also often struggle. I hear from some parents and other caregivers, too...about how their kids are a tough sell on healthy eating. How they like screens and staying inside. How even their little ones have trouble settling their brains to fall asleep after being bombarded with input all day. 

Moreover, our rising rates of overweight and obesity, even in children, are always on my heart. I firmly believe that every child deserves to grow up with a foundation of health and wellness, free from the burden of weight-related health issues that can persist into adulthood.


No matter where you are on the journey, whether you're navigating minor hurdles or facing significant challenges, whether you're a healthy adult with reluctant kids or seeking habit work for the entire family...I'm here to support you.


Together, we can set your family up for success and empower your children to thrive in all aspects of life.

If that sounds like'll be a fantastic addition to the club!

selfie of the instructor with a class of children posing in the background

More on benefits of working with Bright Futures Fitness:

child jumping over portable hurdles during fitness class


"I have appreciated you so much over the past couple of years!  It's so nice to have Bright Futures as an extra curricular activity, that doesn't necessarily have to pertain to athleticism. As much as [he] loves playing sports, he doesn't feel comfortable signing up due to his lack of athletic ability.  But to have Bright Futures, where it's HIS sport and HIS extra curricular activity, it really gives him a sense of pride and accomplishment.  You do such a great job in giving these kiddos the guidance and confidence to be themselves and learn healthier habits along the way.  Thank you for all you do!"

- Megan W.

If you're ready to leave the stress and worry about building healthy habits with your kids (and for the whole family) behind, claim your place in the ongoing private membership now! 

If you have any questions before you decide, please reach out! 

Or knock on the clubhouse door to get a 2 week FREE trial. 
I'm so confident it will improve your family's wellness journey right away, 
that you can cancel in that window with no charge!

Please keep in mind: I am not a medical professional. As a fitness coach, I am not providing healthcare, medical, or nutritional therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue.

The information provided by Bright Futures Fitness is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Always seek advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before undertaking a new health regimen.

Do not disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical advice because of information you read from Bright Futures Fitness. Do not start or stop any medications without speaking to your medical or mental health provider.

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