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Strengthening your mindfulness muscle is like developing a SUPERPOWER.


It helps you feel calmer, happier, and more productive … PLUS it gives you incredible fuel to reach your goals. Just imagine how much better the lives of the kids you care about will be if they start learning these skills NOW!


The Mindfulness Workbook for Kids, Tweens & Teens will help you guide the youth in your life through specific exercises to help tighten up your mindset and become more present in life:


  • Breathing techniques
  • Journaling prompts
  • Mindful sketching
  • And so much more


Some of this guide is background material for you, but you can share the supplemental/background information with your youth as you see fit - and have a wonderful journey together!


Some pages would even make great slides for classroom presentation.


And the beauty is, you can also use this entire workbook alongside your youth, so you can share the journey while improving your own skills!

Mindfulness Workbook for Kids, Tweens & Teens (& their grown-ups!)

  • Your guide will be delivered in pdf version via email. If you have or care for children under 18 you'll have access to additional support in the private Family Fitness Clubhouse member group, free for one week! (Must complete the additional step of joining the memebsrhip. No obligation to buy/stay...I just hope you'll give it a try during your "workbook week.")

  • As an added support structure to build a successful mindfulness practice, you will also be invited for a FREE week trial in the Family Fitness Clubhouse Membership Group! We'll be doing the exercises together, sharing progress and cheering each other on!

    After you have your Workbook, click here to join the Club!

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