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Make your January self happy

Let’s talk comfort zones…They're cozy. Familiar. Safe. Sometimes even deceptively inviting. Especially at times of the year when there are more temptations than usual...the holidays bring *literal COMFORTable zones!

Reveling in comfort foods, snuggling under a blanket watching a movie when you should be exercising instead, mindless grazing while socializing, staying up late, over-indulging on more cocktails than usual...the list goes on.

sample blank challenge board
sample blank challenge board

 But you know where growth happens?

Just *outside* of the comfort zone.


The thing is, every transformative moment in our lives often starts with a little bit (or sometimes a lot) of discomfort. It's the pushback before the leap. The struggle before the breakthrough. The uncertainty before the clarity.


It's only the first week of December but you might already be feeling that

tug-of-war of indulging in "too much holiday season." (Btw I WANT you to enjoy the season-that's not what we're talking about. But I bet you know where that "too much" line is before you even get to it.)

The 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge is designed for busy people who want to stay on track during the crazy and indulgent holiday season with a straightforward workout, so they don't feel like they're starting over in January.


It’s about getting out of our comfort zones, daring to push, to question, to leap… and to sustain real change.

Results don’t happen overnight, but they DO happen when you’re committed to getting out of your comfort zone and doing the work.

BUT you have to join NOW! We officially got underway today, and there are only 14 possible days to get all 12 days' worth of workouts done! It's happening now: December 7-20, 2023!


Can you imagine what life would be like in January if you decided to start this journey now instead of putting off your regular fitness routine at best, or completely stop exercising during the holidays at all, at worst?


Join now and make your January self happy!


If you are looking for some health/fitness/wellness realted gifts and stocking stuffers, check out my 2023 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide! I earn from some purchases, and those affiliate links are all notated. Enjoy it for FREE!

cover of healthy holiday gift guide
2023 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

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