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We all want to keep our health and fitness routines during the busy holiday season. But admit it - IT’S SO HARD TO DO! Even with the best of intentions, even when you set out with determination, and EVEN when you string together a couple days on track, it’s easy to fall off track.


So what if I told you there was an easy and interesting way to hold yourself to the plan, stay committed, have accountability to a FUN group who have the same goal?


And beyond that…you’ll have more energy, sleep better, move better, AND you won’t have to make up for any lost ground in your fitness routine during this busy time of year. Or when January first rolls around.


The 12 Days of BFF Fitmas Challenge runs December 7-December 20, 2023 (2 extra grace days...because, well, life happens!). 


Join now to make staying on track during the holidays easy!

12 Days of BFF Fitmas Challenge

  • First Prize: One random winner drawn from all completed entries will win first choice of : set of 3 booty bands, a cooling towel, a metered water bottle OR a set of fitness dice. 


    Up to 2 others randomly drawn from the same pool can make one choice from remaining prizes.

  • You will recieve png file of the 12 Days of Fitmas Workout plus full copy of the guidelines via the emaila address you provide at checkout. 


    Then post your "socila proof" (photos) each day on one of the platforms so there is evidence for your prize drawing. You may also want to join the BFF Challenge Squad if you'd like to give and get extra accoountability and support from a group throughout the challenge, and have a slightly more private place to post photos (but not required). If you are not on social media at all, you may email your entries to

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