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Join me in creating a community!

Updated: May 28, 2023

On my very first flyers for BFF classes, a long long time ago, the top of the page asked questions something like this: Do you have trouble getting through to your your kids about eating healthy foods? Are you concerned about them getting enough exercise? From the very beginning of Bright Futures Fitness, I set out to get kids moving in fun ways that would help them fall in love with physical activity and good habits, in the hope they continue for a lifetime. This is why I also sneak in conversations about healthy food, hitting activity goals, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water (and more) during and after class. Lately I have been thinking bigger and deeper. I want to spread the message, but also OFFER SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS to as many families as possible and in ways that do not require access to the very few places I can be present at any given time as a solo instructor. This vision goes beyond teaching some kids about healthy habits for those few weeks at a time. I have long hoped to find a way to serve their families during the times they aren't with me, or even kids I do not get to see in person at all. Honestly, some of these thoughts over time have been sparked by what comes out of the mouths of babes. Kids tell me they don't like vegetables and won't voluntarily eat very many. They tell me about lots of sugary treats. They tell me they do not exercise much at home because they like video games better. Sorry parents, but your kids talk.😉 (Mine did, too! I feel your pain.) And during class, they sometimes struggle to maintain activity for periods of time. Other inspiration comes from parents. I hear from them, too...about how their kids are a tough sell on healthy eating. How they like screens and staying inside. How even their little ones have trouble settling their brains to fall asleep after being bombarded with input all day. They ask me about solutions. And they are thrilled for their kids hear about those solutions from someone else, because they think it feels like nagging and the kids aren't always "hearing it" at home. There is one last inspiration: overweight and obesity rates keep rising, even for kids. And kids who struggle with their weight in significant ways for long periods of time before the age of 18 are more likely to have weight issues (and the accompanying health problems) as adults. It doesn't have to be this way, and you do not need to have this extreme worry to want to do what's best for your kids and teach them good habits along the way. You might simply want to set them up for success, as you do in all areas of life. Even if you are already worried about your child's habits, it's never too late to help them. Maybe that even means you'd like to get tips for the whole family to change mindsets and behaviors in the home. And even if your family chooses pretty healthy food already, and you love to exercise together or individually, maybe you would still like more ideas to keep it fun and fresh and appealing! How about just gaining the benefits of a community of people with similar goals? Our kids are a top priority for all of us, and knowing we aren't alone can be so beneficial. That brings us to the BIG NEWS! I am so excited to create a community to help families foster good nutritional choices, good self-care habits, and a love of exercise - all with the ultimate goal of establishing these choices as a priority for a lifetime for their children. Bear with's in the early stages...for instance- I'm not even sure the name I am considering for the group will stick! (Does it even need its own name?😂 I'm still thinking about that...) But what if this is also your opportunity to help me test it and be able to give feedback/suggestions as you get exclusive access to the first round of resources ...for a really low cost of membership?!

If I have your attention but you aren't sure yet, keep reading! And if at any time you have questions, reach out and I will answer them ASAP!

THE MISSION: To help families utilize the necessary tools to prioritize the nutrition, wellness and fitness habits of their children (and themselves) to set everyone on a lifelong path of healthy choices. SUCCESS PATH: I help families who care about instilling healthy habits in their children go from overwhelmed, worried and lost to confident, informed and empowered in laying the building blocks for a lifetime of health and wellness.

I am reaching out with this AMAZING opportunity to become a FOUNDING MEMBER for ONLY $5 per month...and lock in the lowest price it will ever be, for as long as your membership is active! The doors will close behind you for now so I can focus on serving our first members, and the next time I open them (likely later this summer)

...the price will already be higher! This opportunity is only open through 11:59 on May 31.

You must join during this period to lock in the founding member rate, which will never go up for you, as long as you stay in the group! For now, we will be meeting in a closed and hidden Facebook group to get our ducks in a row. Then we can migrate everyone over to a new platform together if we decide it is necessary. But here is the most exciting part: You will get to help me shape what the community can become! I will welcome your input to decide what is most important for the group long-term. And you will get a chance to ask specific questions to help your family right away!

So far, these are some of the basics I hope to include, and it will be a great value at $5/month no matter what:

Access to guides/ebooks/ programs (with support materials) adapted for kids and families...often developed into accountability challenges 

Activities, games, exercise suggestions and demonstrations you can implement immediately! 

Get and share recipes that kids might just eat, plus healthy eating tips and ideas! 

Maybe you even have other ideas that would help you empower your kids - I will welcome the suggestions of founding members! And I will answer your specific questions along the way.

I can't wait to get started!

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