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Are you over-complicating it?

Stay-tuned for my answer and some advice on that question. But first:

It was a big week for BFF. We got started on our after-school classes at Harvey and Mills and our PE class at Educational Harbor - and had a lot of fun for a very first get-togethers! A big part of the fun for me is to meet new participants and "size them up" not just on their fitness/development levels but also their enthusiasm for fitness levels. Time after time I see a spectrum of categories from SUPER enthused to interested but reserved to hesitant but willing. Just like adults, kids come at their fitness in varying degrees of excitement. And just like with adults, I relish the opportunity to meet them where they are and help them advance to where they want to be.

I am happy to say this first week I saw a heavy dose of enthusiasm from every single child I just met or had the honor of welcoming back from a previous school year. They were full of energy and excitement, asked for and followed direction, and listened to my very first guideline of the class:


And every one of them did!

Let's all take a lesson from them. They have a lot to teach us. Including being a little less likely to over-think things...JUST TRY!

...So, are you over-complicating it?