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Reflections on an Unusual Time

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The last four months feel simultaneously like a blur, and like they have actually lasted 4 YEARS. This is a unique time in our history and it can feel so overwhelming to keep everything on track while the world itself seems to be spinning away from us. Have I done everything I set out to accomplish in the last few months? Well here is a hint....when was the last time I posted a blog entry? 

So let’s check in. I have a few questions I’d like to pose, just as a way to reflect on these past few unusual months. You can feel free to email me, post a reply on this blog, or messaging me on Facebook if you’d like to share your answers. If you’d like to keep them to yourself or share with a friend, that works too! The only goals are accountability and reflection, and that can be done in more ways than one! 

How would you describe (or rank 1-10) your stress levels since March?

What are some ways you are managing this stress? 

Are you exercising more, less or about the same in that time period? 

How much/how well have you been sleeping? 

How well have you managed to maintain healthy food habits? 

Have you set and met any new health or fitness goals? 

Do you have ongoing or additional wellness goals you’d like to work on?

What additional actions, if any, would help you meet your goals in this current environment (thinking about the next 3 months)? 

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