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Let's Get Back to Working Out Together! Far Enough Apart...

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We’ve seen some signs pointing to at least a little normalcy returning to our lives post COVID-19 with stay at home orders and restrictions expiring or being modified. While I fully concede things may be different and may never get quite back to the way they were before in some aspects, we can hopefully look for a return to working out in the same place as other humans! Yay! With a few changes or improvements, and being conscientious, I think we can go for it with minimal long term changes or disruptions.

Wiping down equipment has always been a “rule” at the gym but has often been treated more of a suggestion or loose requirement of patrons. Staff members also wipe it all down on intervals, but perhaps we can all pitch in and actually* wipe everything* down after each use. Stationary equipment and free weights at brick and mortar gyms will have to be included in that regimen of cleaning everything more completely and more often. Some gyms may also have to think about keeping people farther away from each other if space permits, or at least restricting the use of side by side machines or apparatus. Whether that means actually moving them apart if there’s room, roping off every other piece or closing off areas on a schedule, etc, there are some options to consider. So many places are adopting lines or boxes taped off on the floor so we may see a move toward doing your reps in your o