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10 tips for a healthier heart

Don’t you love a list?


I do, especially if it cuts through the hype and makes my life EASY.


That’s why I borrowed this list from the American Heart Association for you.

It outlines 10 simple ways to streamline what you eat to help keep your heart (and entire body!) healthy, fit, and strong.


And the best part?


These tips will also help move you closer to your health/fitness goals.


You’ll also see they aren’t focused on deprivation OR perfection — instead, it’s all about eating delicious, healthy, and nutrient-packed food!

Large tomato plants with some small tomatoes visible, growing in 3 earthbox beds
Tomato plants in my earthbox garden really took off last season!

10 Ways to Show Your Heart Some Love (with FOOD!)


  1. Balance calories with physical activity — don’t eat more food than you can burn off

  2. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables — choose lots of colorful produce

  3. When you eat grains, make sure they are whole (not processed) — read those labels!

  4. Include healthy protein sources at every meal

  5. Use liquid non-tropical plant oils like avocado and olive oil

  6. Eat minimally processed foods — focus on “real” whole foods as much as you can

  7. Avoid added sugars — they’re just empty calories that drain your energy and your health, plus they’re linked with weight gain

  8. Cut back on salt — according to the FDA, 90% of us (!!!) eat too much sodium. Aim for less than 2,300 mg a day (about 1 teaspoon)

  9. Limit alcohol (or avoid it!)

  10. Put this list on repeat for all your meals and snacks


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