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In Times of Need...

As the founder, owner, and sole operator of Bright Futures Fitness, I have considered starting a blog in conjunction with other services on and off for some time. There's always an excuse...usually time constraints, lack of landing page or writer's block. Well, I now have a much more blog-friendly website, and thanks to the "Q" word and social distancing, more time on my hands, and likely some topic ideas that will spark from not being able to coach most of my clientele in person! So let's give this a try. I promise to TRY to update it with some fitness and wellness content fairly regularly, and perhaps some distance coaching ideas. If it goes well, I promise to TRY to keep it up going forward. Please interact with it if you see fit, feedback will only help determine future content and frequency, and I do want to hear from YOU! Please keep your physical distance, wash your hands, drink water and eat well, and keep moving, even if it's mostly moving AWAY from EACH OTHER! :)

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