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How Do People Set Successful Resolutions?

Want to know why 92% of people fail in their New Years Resolutions?

It hasn't been that long since I figured out what was wrong with making big, sweeping resolutions-or at least why I wasn't easily sticking with them. I often knew I wasn’t being consistent. I also realized I was biting off too much without the proper accountability or attitude. Plus, I kept getting distracted by the newest, latest, and greatest strategies.

What was missing? Accountability? Determination? Support? Guidance? Focus? Or maybe all of those? I believed I should be able to do it on my own. But sometimes I had to admit it to myself: If I was serious about my goal, I needed help. I decided I needed to have some accountability to join the 8% of people who reach their resolution goals.

Sometimes this can be as simple as having a "buddy system" but sometimes we need more-we need a coach to work with us directly, or at least provide a roadmap or program to get us where we are going!