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Freedom...from stretching after a workout?

Updated: Jul 5

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you’re taking some time off today to celebrate and enjoy the day! Or if you have to work any part of it, that you still get some down time or fun time!


It’s also a great time to reflect on what this holiday is all about, and recognize what our freedom means in our every day lives.


For me, that freedom means I get to wake up every day and pursue my dreams of helping people become the BEST version of themselves, and form better and better habits, make healthy choices, and live their best lives at any age!


What does that freedom mean to you?

Drop me an email or tag me on a Facebook or Instagram post and let me know!


Coach Dawn stretching with a group of young runners
Stretches at the Healthy Kids Running Series

OK… so now on to one favorite part of

working out for me...STRETCHING!

I've seen this type of sentiment on so many posts and comments online (and heard it in person more than once):


“Why do I have SUCH a mental block about stretching after a workout? I know I should do it! And I always feel better after, but I really just don't like to do it.”

I don't agree, I love stretching...but I totally get it.


Let’s see if any of these “skip stretching” scenarios sound familiar and then check out what to do about it.


You skip stretching because…


→ You’re mentally done with your workout, you've done a lot, you’re tired, and it’s time to go (home or work or wherever)?


What to do about it: Reframe the way you look at it. View it as a victory lap for your body, a way to celebrate and reinforce what you accomplished with all the work!


→ It’s boring.

What to do about it: Mix things up! Try doing a series of specific yoga poses instead of simply pushing and pulling a few muscle groups... or find some music or a podcast to listen to while you’re stretching.


→ It hurts.

What to do about it: Really tight muscles can hurt, and pain may be a sign of an injury. But stretching shouldn’t hurt. You should only go to the point of a "gentle pull," and if while holding it briefly it doesn’t get better, you might want have someone look at it.


→ The time spent on stretching seems too long for the payoff.

What to do about it: Use a foam roller or massage gun to loosen things and shorten the time it might take to get a similar result.


And if you DO end up skipping your stretch after a workout (gasp)... then set aside 10 minutes sometime later in the day to stretch out each major muscle group. Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds. It’ll help you improve your overall flexibility and mobility.


You can even do this while watching TV. You'll feel fantastic, probably sleep better that night, and likely feel better mentally and physically into the next day.


If there’s one thing I know, it’s that constantly forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy is the fast track to failure! So simplify, reframe the tasks at hand, be consistent, and watch your habits evolve and get more reliable-and your attitude toward them evolve as well!


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