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Fabulous Fitness Gift Ideas

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

It’s the season of giving. And eating. And drinking...followed shortly by the season of resolving to cut down on some of that. Perhaps that is why so many people consider giving fitness gifts (to others but also themselves) for the holidays. If you still have some shopping left to do, I’d like to throw a “Few of Dawn’s Favorite Things” out there. Keeping in mind that any links provided are my affiliate links, and I earn from qualifying purchases, I always promise: everything mentioned is either an actual favorite of mine, or something I’ve used and think is great for someone in particular. If you’ve followed my recent journey into brand recommendations at all, you’ll see some of these coming a mile away. In an effort to keep this fairly short, let’s dive right in.

I’m a huge fan of body weight exercises, and sometimes that can mean using equipment to aid form or suspend and/or secure other parts of your body to complete the work.

The TRX Home2 suspension system is a strap set that has everything you need for suspension exercises indoors and out, in home or out and about. It comes with an over-the-door anchor and a strap to hang it from a tree, playground bar, or any other sturdy overhead structure. TRX also sells a ceiling mount if you want a permanent overhead location. A handy carrying bag is included, as is a year’s subscription to their app - which is also fabulous.

Fabletics has some of the best leggings and other workout clothing out there! Their prices may be on the higher end for some shoppers, but that’s why I think their VIP program really is a good value. You can start (yourself or your recipient) with 2 pair of leggings for $24, then fill out a profile to be served more personalized picks. Each month, you can shop, take a credit by not choosing anything and letting the charge post for later, or skip the month altogether (an unlimited number of times!). They also offer sales and specials just for VIPs, and you will accumulate rewards and discounts whenever you do shop. They also have a men’s line. So hear me out, YOU become the VIP, buy gifts to rack up rewards, spend the rewards on more gifts, or...for yourself...just an idea...

All that sweat from working out can be rough on your skin. Athia Skin Care is “formulated by active women for active women” They have product bundles that will save you money, and the packaging makes for a lovely presentation...even if you are gifting it to yourself on a regular basis. I really love the Athlete Bundle: a lightly coconut-scented daily cleanser, hyaluronic & vitamin c daily moisturizer (which I use at night because it doesn’t contain SPF) and my absolute love: Post-Workout Spray-a toner spray to use after a good sweat so your skin feels a bit fresher until you can get to the next wash.

All of the bundle products are sold separately, and they also have a men’s line. They have good sales from time to time, but whenever they aren’t running a sale, you can get 40% off every order with special codes! Contact me for YOUR code today! Athia

Bonus: a portion of every sale benefits which works to ensure that every girl around the world receives education, respect, and a voice in her world.

Old Navy has some of the most comfortable but affordable activewear out there! And they have frequent sales, and super cash earning periods, when you can rack up rewards to spend on other gifts, or *on yourself* (are you seeing a trend in my thinking?). You could give the gift of an entire ensemble without breaking the bank with selections for the whole family.

Athleta also has fantastic activewear, and is an Old Navy sister store with higher quality and higher price points. I do like a lot of their stuff and think it’s worth the extra money, but I wanted to point out their swim suits specifically.

With active/athletic water time in mind, the suits fit well, stay where they’re supposed to and have sufficient coverage to keep you covered for all of your land and sea (and pool!) exercises.

We all know Amazon basically has or can connect us to anything, and that includes fitness equipment. I’ve actually relied on their quick Prime delivery quite a bit, but they have a nice selection as well. They also have a couple specific items I use all the time (pictured and linked here). If you aren’t sure what you’re in the market for, I’m also including a couple of landing pages you can explore for fitness equipment.

You can find options for grown-up and home gym options here and some kids fitness equipment ideas here.

KIND Snacks are delicious and nutritious! I love the variety and how easy they are to take anywhere (insert tip about not leaving the chocolate ones in your car in Florida though...). They are individually wrapped and would make great stocking stuffers, or you could build your own box for someone special, or even gift them a subscription box for a period of recurring deliveries. All subscription deliveries are always 10% off with free shipping. They also currently have a “gift cube” specifically packaged for holiday gifts. And did I mention: YUM

These are just a few ideas for the fitness fans, or aspiring fitness fans, in your life. I do consider a few other brands/websites worth your consideration, and there is a full list on my Linktree. I may be a little biased, but I happen to think it's fun to give and receive fitness gifts! Happy Shopping!

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