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Fabletics: a favorite brand to wear and promote

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

When something is great, you should take a moment to share it into the world. There is such an amazing offer from Fabletics right now, it's sure to generate good feelings. And we all need good feelings.

As a proud affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases when you shop through my endorsed or sponsored links. Fabletics is one of the first brands I decided to become an affiliate with because it is so amazing. The fabrics are among the best on the market, the styles are attractive, the colors and patterns (so many gorgeous colors and patterns) are so much more interesting than many fitness brands that think black, white and gray are they only colors women want to work out in, and the details and features (like pockets-so many pockets!) set them apart.

Some of the pieces I own date back a bit, and after years and many washes, the integrity and vibrancy of the material isn't going away. With frequent new releases and special collaborations, I honestly don't know how I resist buying one of everything.

Anytime you become a first-time VIP, you get 2 leggings for $24, an incredible offer on its own. But in case all that wasn't enough, there is an irresistible limited time offer for new VIP members. Like, I wish I could join again so I could get this deal: any new VIPs get 70% off entire orders! The whole order! You will then be part of an awesome membership with fantastic benefits and helpful reminders to shop or skip each month. If you don't want to shop but want the credit toward your next purchase, you can do that too. There is no limit to how many credits you can store, or how many months you can skip. And all along the way, you can earn loyalty points to use on MORE GREAT GEAR!

Ok, ok, I've gushed enough. Unless you are still wavering on whether to become a VIP yourself, or purchase a VIP membership as a gift for someone special...Valentine's Day is coming...HINT HINT.

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