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Double Down on 2022 Goals

Is anyone else having trouble believing it's already MARCH? Would you like to form a support group because I need help dealing with this fact!

As far as goals go, I am actually pretty happy with my progress. Although, full confession, I still haven't settled on a March goal for my habit stacking. Shhh don't tell! Mostly I just decided to focus on maintaining January and February goals, and giving myself some grace on the next one.

After all, since the month began, my oldest daughter has been home for part of what is the earliest spring break any of us have ever had, and four relatives are visiting from Illinois for at least a week. Along with classes and clients and tons to do around our home which we may be putting on the market soon (I am not leaving the area!), I know it's one of those times I should NOT add too much to my agenda. Ironically, I have a list of annual goals to choose from, I guess I'm just having one of those analysis-paralysis moments.

So maybe if I can just keep trucking on previous goals, make good plans for my customers, keep up on my workouts and running (I have a 5k in a few weeks), then I am just going to call that GOOD! I'll share my experience on that next month. It has been years since I entered an actual in-person race, and I am excited!

Maybe my March goal will be to make it to the next day, each day! ;)

You can read more about recovering and/or maintaining goals in the March monthly newsletter!


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