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Morning Habits for a High-Energy Day

I'm careening rapidly toward a big milestone. Well, ok to be fair it's actually my youngest daughter's milestone but it directly impacts her poor mother: high school graduation! Of course I am able to see the pros to her accomplishments, and the excitement and changes she is facing in the next few years. But also, of course, it makes me sad. She was a mama's girl and always needed me more than her sister. I think we had about a 15 month streak when she never wanted me to put her down! We have remained pretty big fans of one another, and her sparkling personality and sense of humor have really made our lives better. Pair that with her being the last baby bird leaving the's going to be emotional!

As I focus on energy content for clients for the month of April, I have been thinking about which factors most effect my energy levels throughout the day and over the course of the week. I don't know about you, but STRESS is definitely a factor that steals energy from me. Not only does it wear me out mentally, which trickles down to physical energy effects, it often robs me of sleep-quality and often quantity. I am in one of those stressful periods for sure!

So join me on this journey to boost our energy together this month! It feels like a month (or couple months) when I should take a LOT of my own advice...and take one day at a time!

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And watch for exciting news about a 5 Day Energy Challenge coming SOON!


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