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Let's NOT celebrate "Quitters' Day"

We’re closing in on a big date -- it's the second Friday of the new year – aka “quitter’s day.” That’s the day by which most people who set New Year fitness and fitness goals end up quitting.


You do NOT have to be one of those people!


In this post, I’m going to talk about one of the MOST IMPORTANT reasons people give up on their goals.


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It’s because:


They didn’t have a plan for when they slipped up.


And by slip up, I mean when they missed a workout, ate foods they weren’t “supposed to eat,” stayed up too late, or somehow “failed” to follow through with their plan.


Fact: Everyone slips up from time to time! (EVERYONE.)


Knowing ahead of time what to do AFTER it happens goes a long way toward making sure that one slip-up doesn’t turn into two or twenty.


A solid post-slipup plan will help you:


  1. Recognize WHY it happened

  2. Reevaluate your process to see if it needs to be changed

  3. Get back on-plan ASAP


Here’s what I’m talking about:


Let’s say it’s a Thursday night and you’re been doing GREAT all week … but as you are finishing up work for the day, all you want is to get some takeout and veg in front of the TV instead of getting in your workout.


So that’s what you do.


And you feel a little guilt after, right? It’s time to give up!




What if instead, you took a second to figure out WHY you didn’t follow your plan: i.e., “My willpower was low because I had a long, stressful day at work, plus I was tired. I’ve been going hard all week.”


And then once you realized the “why,” you reevaluated. Maybe you need to:

●     Add a rest day to your week,

●     Keep a healthy ready-to-go meal at home, and/or

●     Have a short and fun “off day” workout on standby with your favorite stress-busting exercises.


Then, the next day, it’s time to get back on track, with your contingency plan in place.


Now instead of the guilt, you feel EMPOWERED because you’re bulletproofing your plan.


Your fitness & wellness journey is a PROCESS. What it looks like changes over time with the seasons, your schedule, your life, and your goals.

Another way to avoid celebrating this "holiday" is to not look at your goals like one-time resolutions at all ... you're just trying to build healthy habits and let them add up to a better lifestyle, and they can start anytime!

So let's not celebrate Quitters' Day this January ... or any time going forward!

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