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Ditching those plastic containers

Updated: 5 days ago

👉 Here’s a GREAT TIP for using plastic containers ...

It has to do with knowing which plastics are better for you than others.

But first: more and more studies are finding that whenever possible, it’s best to completely avoid using plastic and vinyl products! That’s because the phthalates and bisphenols they contain can affect your health (and your family’s, too). They are linked with reproductive and fertility issues, behavior problems, thyroid issues, asthma, and obesity (among other things).

But if you MUST use plastic, flip the container over and look at its recycling symbol. What number do you see? Here’s a rhyme to help you remember which numbers to choose: “5, 4, 1, and 2, these are the ones that are better for you.”

Even so … never put plastic containers in the microwave or dishwasher (especially if they are scratched or showing signs of wear). If at all possible, use glass or metal containers for all your food storage/reheating needs.

BONUS TIP: Ditch your vinyl shower curtain because it probably contains chemicals you don’t want around you – as does the clear cling wrap in your kitchen!



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