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Taking breaks: underappreciated and underutilized

Updated: Apr 4

Let’s talk about taking breaks: one of the most underappreciated and underutilized productivity hacks of all time!


The problem some people have with taking breaks is that it can feel like you’re slacking or being lazy, but you’re not. Any here’s why:


●     Being “always on” can lead to burnout and actually decrease productivity.

●     Researchers analyzed 80+ studies and found that taking regular breaks can keep you feeling MORE energized and even INCREASE your productivity.


It's important is to make sure you keep a few key things in mind, though. For example, what you do during your breaks and how long they last certainly matters.

Author walking her small white dog
Breaks with pets are some of the best breaks!

 Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of your breaks:


●     Getting outside for a walk is better than merely stretching at your desk

●     taking active breaks can provide a quick boost in energy

●     For morning breaks, think about short breaks more often, even if it's just getting a healthy snack or looking outside

●     As the day goes on, longer breaks can be more useful and effective

●     If you have a work from home job, taking a cuddle break with your pet can give you a shot of feel-good energy

●     Spending much time on social media isn’t the best use of a break: it can actually leave you emotionally drained AND reduce your productivity and creativity

It’s true, some of this can be easier in theory than in practice!


If you’re "set on auto" (which so many of us are), it can be hard to remember to check in with yourself and notice how you’re using your energy or if you need a break. Before you know it, you're too tired to work out, make healthy meals, or plan for your other healthy habits that take any sort of attention or effort at all!


Then, suddenly, you’re starting all over again.


That’s why with Bright Futures Fitness, you won’t just focus on the workouts, you'll ALSO focus on what you’re doing day to day to make sure you’re primed and ready for success. And if you have a family along for the ride, we'll focus on how you can be your best, and be a good example, for them!




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